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Fred Plotkin on Fridays: Julia Bullock

Fred Plotkin, pleasure activist and passionate opera expert, speaks each Friday with fascinating people in the music world. In this episode: Julia Bullock.

Langston Hughes and John Musto: Litany

The following poem by Langston Hughes was originally entitled, “Prayer.” John Musto’s song, LITANY, (even in this slightly abbreviated version) gives a resounding recognition that individual struggles are shared and felt by us all. 

Connie Converse: One By One

#SongsOfComfort. Words and Music by Connie Converse (b. 1924, disappeared 1974). Arrangement: Jeremy Siskind. Piano: Christian Reif.  

NYC-ARTS Profile: 18-19 Met Residency

A profile on Julia's Met Museum residency. Known for her rich voice and versatile artistry, she is approaching the museum’s collection as both a musician and an activist.

2018-19 Met Museum Residency

“Social constructs not only impact the art that is made, but they directly influence how art is presented and for whom it is preserved.” —Julia Bullock

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Eastman School of Music: 2019 Commencement Address

Julia shares words of wisdom and encouragement with the Eastman School of Music's class of 2019. She graduated from the conservatory with her undergraduate degree in 2009.