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Michel van der Aa’s “Upload”

Eternal life. It’s possible. As an upload, a digital version of ourselves. Michel van der Aa's new opera "Upload" investigates what this would mean for our ‘humanness’, our identity, and our relationship with others.

Julia Bullock: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Julia Bullock and Christian Reif perform a recital of German and American songs on NPR's Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts.

Amplify with Lara Downes: Julia Bullock

In this conversation, Julia says, "When I'm in community with others there's just no stopping what can be done." Listen here to Julia's full conversation with Lara Downes.

Lift Every Voice: A Conversation Hosted by J’Nai Bridges

Together with Mezzo-Soprano J'Nai Bridges, this discussion on racial disparity and inequality features our panel of renowned artists including Julia Bullock, Lawrence Brownlee, Russell Thomas, Karen Slack, and Morris Robinson.

Thursdays with Thomas: soprano Julia Bullock and clarinetist Anthony McGill

This week on "Thursdays with Thomas," clarinetist Anthony McGill and soprano Julia Bullock will join Thomas Hampson to discuss the current state of affairs in the United States and beyond regarding race relations.

MTT25 Performance Excerpt: Julia Bullock & Christian Reif

Julia Bullock and Christian Reif perform for MTT25.