Julia Bullock graces the cover of Opera Magazine’s April Issue. Following her big win at the 66th Grammy Awards, Julia received a six page feature in the Magazine’s April edition. Jennifer Melick sat down with Bullock to discuss her career, her debut album Walking in the Dark, the opening of El Niño with the Metropolitan Opera and Marin Alsop, and her life as a full time mother and performer.

Melick and Bullock discussed the intricacies of her programming and the complex decisions that Julia weighs when curating a performance. She dove deeper into the organization of her debut album and her recital performances citing:

“On a first listen, I want people to be able to receive the material as completely and deeply as they can. I have one shot on a recital programme to get the song across. I do think pretty comprehensively about the audience’s experience.”

Julia and Jennifer discussed the energy that Bullock brings to her operatic performances and expressed the importance of understanding the stories that she is telling. As Julia is passionate about social activism, the two discuss how her professional work relates to her activist work and making changes that she cares deeply about. On the topic of her role in El Niño Julia said,

“The statement Mary makes during the Magnificat is revolutionary. She’s a voice of revolution. She’s not saying, “Life is in me, therefore it’s passing over and through me.” Oh No, this is a real message about power. And empowerment. While she is totally humbled by what is not upon her and what she has accepted into her life, it’s like the real responsibility of that is hitting her hard, making her even question why others who are in positions of power in society in ehr midst, why they are not taking the same kind of responsibility for human life and howe precious it is. That’s what she is asking”

Bullock will debut El Niño with conductor Marin Alsop and the Metropolitan Opera on April 23, 2024.