On March 22, Julia Bullock stars alongside Roderick Williams in the US premiere of UPLOAD at Park Avenue Armory. The opera, utilizing film and live performance, tells the story of a daughter and her father who, when confronted by his inevitable death, has his thoughts and memories “up-loaded,” to achieve a “virtual resurrection.”

What critics are saying:

“Soprano Julia Bullock [is] silvery at the top of her range, equally at ease in pop directness and lush lyricism.” —Joshua Barone, New York Times

“[Van der Aa] calls upon a variety of musical languages that are sometimes electronic, sometimes 12-tone-ish, sometimes almost melodic (especially when it is coming from the brilliant soprano Julia Bullock, ranging from almost mezzo-ish to silvery).” —Richard Sasanow, Broadway World

“…an absorbing experience…Bullock and Williams sang handsomely.” — George Loomis, Musical America

“Scenes set in the present are sung and brim with messy human emotionality, particularly from Ms. Bullock, who gives an unrestrained, impassioned performance. The yearning lyricism of her arias and the force of her untrammeled anger contrast with Mr. Williams’s more measured, articulated vocalism; Father and Daughter are arguing from different spheres.” — Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal